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While Trump has yet to concede 2020 race, he has secretly told aides he wants to run in 2024
President Trump has told advisors that he wants to run again in four years, and could potentially announce his bid before or even during Biden's Inauguration on Jan. 20, according to Fox News’ chief White House correspondent John Roberts, who confirmed a report from The Daily Beast.

Trump has publicly challenged the election result and told reporters last week that he doesn't "want to talk 2024 yet."

Such an announcement, or even Trump’s flirtation with a third White House run, would put a damper on what was thought to be a wide-open battle for the GOP 2024 presidential nomination. And it could potentially freeze out early moves by other Republicans with national aspirations. .

In other developments:
– Rubio, in 2016 presidential bid, says Trump would be frontrunner in 2024
– Graham Trump to mount presidential bid in 2024 should election challenges 'fall short'
– Trump to run again in 2024 if he loses: Mick Mulvaney
– McConnell Dems for accepting Biden win after questioning validity of 2016 election
– Ingraham: Win or lose, Trump 'GOP kingmaker for 2022 and 2024, no doubt'
– Schumer GOP for standing by Trump

BLM faces revolt as local chapters allege power grab, murky finances
Some Black Lives Matter chapters are revolting against the organized movement's national arm, accusing leaders of providing little financial transparency and not much in the way of financial support.

Ten local chapters issued a statement Monday outlining concerns regarding financial disclosure, decision making, and accountability since the establishment of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

In June, the Daily Caller reported the BLM Global Network spent millions between July 2017 and June 2019 on consultants and staff compensation. Specifically, it spent nearly $900,000 on travel, $1.6 million on consulting and $2.1 million on staff during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. .

In other developments:
– BLM supporters to protest Biden's consideration of LA Mayor Garcetti for cabinet
– BLM co-founder message to Biden: 'We want something for our vote'
– Rob Smith: Black Lives Matter doesn’t really about Black lives lost unless group can blame police

Hannity: 'Depraved' media mob can save their 'phony BS lectures' about election results
The same "depraved media mob" who refused to accept the results of the 2016 election are attacking President Trump and his supporters for questioning irregularities and investigating voter fraud allegations, Sean Hannity said Monday.

"We, frankly, don't need lectures about truth, about integrity, from what is a depraved group of Democratic donors, the media mob, and Democrats that never accepted the results of 2016 election," the "Hannity" host said.

The Fox News primetime host reminded viewers that President-elect Joe Biden was "shielded" by the mainstream media, who enabled him to hide from the coronavirus in his basement for most of the campaign. By contrast, Hannity went on, the same group "were Biden's attack dogs [and] did the bludgeoning of Trump for Biden."

"They are meaningless to the rest of us. You dragged this country through hell. You did it again with your phony Ukrainian impeachment witch hunt, and you totally ignored, and protected, the real quid pro quo." .

In other developments:
– National Review Trump's post-election 'disgraceful endgame'
– Glenn Greenwald: Trump's of peaceful White House exit negates media's 'false hysteria'
– Chris Hayes by 2016 'fun fact' when MSNBC host suggested electors abandon POTUS-elect

– Dr. Scott Atlas as special adviser to Trump on coronavirus
– Joe Manchin at AOC: 'She's more active on Twitter than anything else'
– LA County supervisor restaurant after voting for outdoor dining ban: report
– Elizabeth Smart she never told her parents about abuse during kidnapping
– Houston police after missing influencer found dead on side of road
– Metcalf, Wilson Seahawks over Eagles 23-17

– McConnell heat on Pelosi, says 'no reason' coronavirus relief shouldn't pass by year's end
– Zoom coronavirus pandemic fixture allowing folks to catch up
– Exxon Mobil from plan to increase spending, preparing to slash assets book value
– Los Angeles councilman $46M purchase of apartment complex using CARES Act funds
– Nike, Coca-Cola to weaken China forced labor bill: report
– How your 401(k) contributions compare to the average? 


slammed the country’s public health establishment for “torturing your children for no apparent reason” on Monday night’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

“It’s been confirmed tonight,” Carlson said, “that authorities have admitted 60 million children languishing in their rooms since early spring, sitting in front of screens, learning nothing, isolated from human contact – in many cases driven to mental illness. We can now report there was no reason for any of that.”

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